Star Crush Starfighter Miniatures Game

Star Crush Starship Miniatures bring you exciting new tactical alternatives to your fight for the fate of the galaxy! These Miniatures are for use with your tactical ship-to-ship combat games. Now you can control formidable Commorium Fighters and Bombers! Face your opponent across the table in any fast-paced space combat game with these stunningly detailed miniatures and recreate thrilling space combat throughout several genres with these gorgeous miniatures.


The Star Crush Miniatures

These miniatures are hand sculpted by Bob Murch and feature fine detail. Although we have designed a set of rules for use with these miniatures, they can still be used in any game that you wish.

Each Figure is $10 USD and comes with a movement stand supplied by Litko.


20301 Commorium Fighter Miniature $10.00


20302 Commorium Bomber Miniature $10.00


20303 Commorium Warp Scout $10.00 

20310 Xothic Fighter Miniature $10.00


20311 Xothic Arc Fighter
20312 Xothic Skiff Fighter $10.00
20320 Pirate Fighter $10.00

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The Commorium Incident tells the story of the beginning of the Commorium and Xothic War through a series of newsreel like videos. See them on our blog or on our youtube channel.

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